Analyse Your Eyes

I am amazed at how little we look at our own eyes, given how important they are to others. When I take a magnified photograph of a client’s eyes they are surprised at just how beautiful and intricate their eyes are.

Try it for yourself – take a photograph using a magnifying app (I use Magnifier Pro app on my phone, but I am sure there are many others). Take a picture of both eyes – sometimes they will be different. 



On this photograph taken in my studio, you can see the detail of an eye. You can start to choose colours from your own photograph.

The outside ring of the iris (number 1)

This is often the darkest colour in the eye apart from the pupil. It is a good indicator of the darkest colour you should naturally wear near your face. For this eye, I recommended a soft charcoal rather than black.

The dominant colour of the iris (numbers 2 & 3)

Coming in from the outside ring, we see a mid-grey and then a bluey-grey. These would be great colours for clothes and scarves near the face. The eyes will appear more blue and sparkly if a blue shade is chosen that mirrors the bluey-grey (3) – it would be good to choose a shade slightly more vibrant than in the eye to enhance it even more. 

The colour around the pupil (numbers 4 & 5)

Around the pupil, there is often an unexpected circle of golds or greens. In this eye, we have quite cool khaki shades. This eye can appear to change colour according to which of the three colours we use to enhance the eye colour. It could appear to go teal, blue or green. We could intensify this effect by changing eye liner and mascara colours.

The best way to test out your “enhancers” is to go shopping and try them on. Look in the mirror and watch the effect on your eyes. Find the ones that make your eyes sparkle the most and take a photo for memory. 

Make Your Eyes More Dominant -