Frame Your Eyes

Eye brows direct attention to your eyes. They are like picture frames – they shouldn’t dominate but help draw attention to the work of art they outline. They set the focus point - your eyes.

Eye brows are fashionable at the moment. No more virtually plucked to baldness thin pencil lines, but bold and thick dominant brows. I am lucky enough to have naturally well shaped and thick eye brows, so until I started ‘my colour stylist’ I was unaware that I was lucky – or that for many clients, eye brow pencils are as important as lipstick to define the face.

On one of my first appointments when doing the make-up colours for a client she was still looking expectantly when I had finished. She wanted defined eye brows – I had one choice in my kit – and of course it didn’t work for her colours at all. Nikki from Prism xii recommended this product to me, and now I am passing that on to you all – it’s great. It seems to adjust according to the colour of the client’s own brows and suits most people – I just need a lighter one for very white blondes, and a darker one for deep brown/black. 

IT cosmetics, brow power universal pencil in universal taupe 


Why I love it:

It is easy to apply in small hair like strokes – the oval tip lets you draw thin or thick brows

It is long wearing and doesn’t smudge

It looks natural and is easy to blend in with natural eye brows

It looks good on blonde, soft browns, mid brown and grey eye brows – a good tip is never to use an eye brow pencil that is darker than the roots of your hair.

It contains anti-aging ingredients and conditioners It costs £18 and can be find on line from £16