Colour is my passion 

Colour is literally the first thing that people notice when they look at you.

Up to 92% of their first impression of you is based upon colour (Institute for Colour Research). Colour is far more important than style, fit or quality.

Colour has an energy level and personality – it gives hints to the observer about the sort of person you might be. Critically, colour reacts to the colours around it – when colours are next to your face they can clash or be harmonious. Colours that are in harmony with your skin tone make a dramatic difference - skin appears smoother and radiant; eyes twinkle and become the focus of the face. In contrast, the wrong colours can make you look sallow, pale and older; can highlight blemishes, shadows and redness; and can diminish the colour of the eyes.

When you feel great in your clothes and make up you get an immediate boost of self-esteem and confidence. You can conquer the world!

My colour stylist offers unique personalised colour consultations using (probably) the world’s best collection of drapes so you find your true colours and look and feel great.

Why not start your colour journey today? Say hello... 

My afternoon with Anni was so relaxing. It was great to do something for me for a change. I learned so much about what colours suit me and possibly even more importantly those I should avoid and that drain me. I’d definitely recommend a personal colour styling session with Anni to my friends.
— Sarah M