The Personal Colour Analysis Experience

The studio is in Yalding, a pretty village in Kent. Typically, a colour analysis takes about two hours. It’s a fun experience to share with a friend in a joint session. This gives you the chance to see how the colours react on someone else, and to get another opinion from someone who knows you well.

At first it is a bit intimidating to remove all make up, cover up your hair and clothes with neutral grey tones and stare at yourself for 2 hours whilst colours are draped around you. It is surprising just how quickly you adjust and start to relax as you become amazed at how the colours really do change your face. Together we decide which colours look the best and even more importantly which of these colours make you feel great. The aim of ‘my colour stylist’ is not just to find the very best colours to suit your skin tone, but from these to find the very best colours to express you - your own preferences, energy level, personality and lifestyle.

It is important that the colours are seen accurately – hence the need for neutral grey wall, clothes and head scarf. The studio also has spectrum daylight lamps to ensure great lighting. We will work through a logical process of comparing sets of drapes until we have found your very best drapes and your most complimentary colours. I have created the widest selection of coloured drapes in the UK - you can try more of your palette colours at ‘my colour stylist’ than anywhere else.

The session includes a ‘natural look’ mini makeover using Bare Minerals and other top brands. You are then ready for a quick photograph taken with your favourite drapes and samples of your best jewellery colours so that you keep a visual reminder of the session on your phone.

Before you leave, you receive your colour swatch fan with your palette of 65 colours to carry with you when you go shopping or for simply checking out your own wardrobe at home. You also receive two credit card size mini palettes to pop into your wallet – one showing your top 10 colours and the other your top ten lipstick shades.

After your analysis, you can purchase Kettlewell high quality jersey basics in your very best colours or pure cashmere pashminas to give your wardrobe an instant colour fix (these are posted to you directly).

The cost is £99 per person. This makes a perfect present and gift vouchers are available. To arrange a booking, please email